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What are professional packers?

You don't need to do all the work yourself

It can be difficult to fit in all of the necessary tasks that are involved, especially when you’re having to juggle them with your other responsibilities like your job or childcare. For that reason, a lot of people turn to the pros to help them, including opting to hire packers.

Professional moving companies offer a wide range of services. These include the basic ones like helping you transport your items on moving day, but also other full-service options that can help ease your moving workload, such as packing and unpacking your belongings.
Whether you choose to hire packers for your next move depends on a number of factors. Below, we’ll go over what you can expect when you hire professional packers, as well as how to determine whether your situation might warrant booking the extra help.

rofessional packers generally work for moving companies and are responsible for expertly wrapping and boxing up the items in a household. Unlike most of us, packing isn’t a once-in-a-blue-moon activity for them—it’s their job, and something they have a lot of practice doing well. As such, they can pack more efficiently and effectively than those of us who only pack when we really have to. According to the American Moving & Storage Association, two professional packers can back anywhere between 100 and 150 boxes over a full day of work.

What services can you expect from professional packers?

The exact services that packers provide depend on the company you choose to work with, as well as the tasks outlined in your contract. But there are some basics that you can usually expect:
They’ll bring along all of the packing materials your move will require, including boxes, packing paper, packing tape, and air-filled plastic cushioning. They’ll go room by room packing up your items, including wrapping up items for protection when warranted.
They’ll label each box based on the room that its items originated from so that on moving day your movers—and you—will know where each box should go.'

Of course, there are limits to the services that professional packers can provide. While you may be able to pay an extra fee for additional services, based on a standard contract there are some things you should not expect when you hire packers: They will not help you take inventory of your belongings and decide what you want to keep, toss, or donate.
They will not provide detailed labels regarding what’s in each box—just the room that it came from.
Note that it will still be your job to take on the task of your pre-move purge. If you plan to hire packers, make sure that you go through before they arrive and get rid of everything that you don’t intend to take with you to your new home. Otherwise, if they see it, they’re going to pack it.

Reasons to hire packers for your next move

While hiring packers is certainly a very convenient way to get your stuff boxed up, it’s not cheap. In addition to paying a per hour fee, you will also need to cover the cost of supplies. Plan to spend about $400-$600 to have a one-bedroom home packed up, $600-$850 for a two-bedroom home, and $850-$1,100 for a three-bedroom home, according to HomeAdvisor.
If you’re going to spend the money, it should definitely be worth it. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether the cost has sufficient value, but in general, the following situations are good examples of when it’s a smart idea to bring in the pros:

If you’re moving out of state and have to make the move yourself before your stuff comes along. Many people relocate with plans to get their things after they’re already settled in. If that’s the case for you, it may be more cost-effective to have your items packed professionally and then shipped to your new home instead of traveling back and taking care of it on your own.
If you’re disabled. Packing is intensely physical work. If you have a disability such as joint problems, chronic pain, or any other ailment that makes standing and bending over for long periods of time untenable, then you’re best off hiring professional packers who can do it for you.

If you have to move in a hurry. It’s generally not impossible to pack your home in a week or less, but it is an ambitious undertaking. In some scenarios, moving in a hurry may necessitate bringing in a couple of extra sets of hands. And if you don’t have friends or family who can come help you out, those extra hands may just need to come in the form of packing pros.

If you simply don’t have time to pack yourself. Work, school, kids, other commitments—there are plenty of reasons that you might not have enough time to devote to packing for your move. If you really can’t imagine finding the time and you don’t have a problem with the additional cost of hiring packers, then it’s worth doing research on professional packers in your area. Do keep in mind however that even though you won’t be doing the packing yourself, you will have to be present when the packers are at your home.

The biggest benefits of hiring packers

If you’re facing one of the situations above (or even if you’re not) the benefits of hiring packers are hard to discount. Simply put, professional packers save you a ton of time and stress—not only will you not have to worry about doing the packing itself, but you also won’t have to worry that your items are going to break or be otherwise damaged during transport. Professional packers have a lot of training and experience, and they definitely know what they’re doing. You’ll get a lot of peace of mind, as well as relief from the labor-intensive work that packing tends to be.

Packers also get the job done fast. What might take you a whole afternoon could be done in just an hour or two. Part of the reason for this is that, as mentioned already, they really know what they’re doing and they have a lot of practice doing it. But there’s another reason too, which is that when you hire packers they’re going to tackle the to-do list without any of the sentimental ties that tend to slow down the rest of us. So whereas you might take five or ten minutes to look through a photo album that you haven’t seen in a while before packing it, a professional packer is just going to place the album right in a box.]

How to find professional packers

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